“Whisper your n…


“Whisper your name to the wind. Ask the wind to take it to the end of the world.” – Yoko Ono


Vida Chapter 1 unfinished

“In our world life is different. We are one with nature. Everything is connected for a reason. If one is unbalanced it could create catastrophes of unimaginary proportions. Our life is filled with wonder and yet many things are unknown for it is a fact of life, that without it we would all perish”

Deep in a dense jungle. Dozens of sprits run and hide. Flowers hang from the high skies. Offering fragance and intoxicating perfume that lingers in the forest.

Up in the tree, the wind calls his name. His ears perk up, moving in all directions.

“Just hang on for a second”  he thought.

Rhama is his given name. His eyes illuminated and hypnotically staring on as he sketch a drawing of a flower. He knew that these flowers only appeared for a day, sending off an aroma that attracted thousands upon thousands swarming insects. He took one more second to look at the flower and as he finished the sketching, Rhama looked up and the flower wilted. All to fast was the whimsical displayed over. The flower which once hung eloquenty has been fertilized and was now preparing to created seeds.

“That was incredible” he thought

“First time in over a decade that I’ve seen something like this” he marveled.

The wind called again. This time from above the ancient Fig tree. He jumped down with such grace. Below the immense tree, the whole forest lay there. Growing, nurture by all things in balance.

He ran across the dense forest. With each stride of his strong legs, forced themselves to run faster. His feet stepping on to the moist ground where thousands of organism danced with life. As he got closer to his village. He slowed down. His ears perked up and he caught a scent in the air. Not recognizing the smell. He got down to a all four. Crawling into a damp floor. He quietly made his way to a hidden path.

He laid there quietly with every movement he made, the earth moved beneath him.

On the open space of the forest. A tall white being appeared.

Rhama looked at him, studying him. He felt hatred, malicious emotions exuding from the strange being. He looked similar to him. But he looked lifeless at the same time. Not a single glow of energy flowed through his veins. Getting intrigued by the being. A familiar scent rose in the air.  Rhamas father appeared. He too was muscular and lean like Rhama. Black hair hung on a intricate hairstyle. Eyes shine with such vigor, color of the golden rise of the sun.

Rhamas father Armus walked towards the strange being.

” We meet again brother: Armus spoke.

“I am honor to be in your presence brother” the white being spoke in a lifeless tone of his voice. Not showing any form of warmth or emortion.

” what brings you to these part of the forest? ” Armus asked. As he asked the question, he felt the hatred in his brother……..

Its been 30 years since the exile of Dem’ur. Armus thought of the moment his brother made the decision that would affect the family greatly.

Dem’ur had always been different. When Dem’ur was born, it was said that he born out of pain and grieve. And that eventually all of that negative energy would affect him. Nishka always showed love and devotion as a mother to both Armus and Dem’ur.

But the moment she started seeing changes in Dem’urs behavior. Her affection changed rapidly, it was instict that was telling her to be wary of her son. She started focusing her time to Armus. Time went by when Armus and Dem’ur were at their peak. Ready to participate in the courthip ritual where they would find suitable mates. Hundreds of tribes joined for the ceremony that would take place at the lagoon.

Every soul starts with life. Every life needs a small sacrifice. Under the blue lagoon. The full moon shines upon with great vigor. Releasing thousands upon thousands of crystalize raindrops that rised upon the lagoon. That is where the ritual begins. Finding ones true mate. For it is told that once they bond they have to sacrifice a part of them.

As the tribes get ready for the ceremony. Nishka takes Armus aside.

“Armus, I am afraid that the future will be grim, life would not be balanced” her eyes shuddered emotions that Armus never saw before.

“Promise me that you will be strong when the time comes, for I am afraid it will come soon” her voice trembled.

Armus thought about what she said.

He nodded and went off to the ceremony…..

The memories kept coming back to Armus, slowly and painfully they left, little by little consuming him inside.

Armus stared onto his brother.

” what is it that you want with life itself?,We were meant to watch over this place” Armus said to to his brother.

“I want nothing from it”  Dem’ur said coldly.

” Then why is it that you still live” responded Armus nodding his head in a saddened grim.

“All I want is that this whole feeling to consumed me, cant you see what I am?” Dem’ur looked on, his eyes glazed and stared onto the forest. Never once feeling remotely saddened. His heart was consumed. Not one glow of energy flowed through his blood. It was as if each passing day, he got colder and not one ounze of  remorse left in his soul.

” I think you should leave, . I am sorry this is how it turned out to be” Armus said.

Armus had always loved his brother. For they share a bond. An unexplanable bond that cannot be broken. So many times had he tried to help break the emotions that hinder his brothers from having the serenity that Armus always felt.

Rhama saw them discussing. He has never experience those emotions before. The way the white being stared so coldly onto his brother. Putting a barrier onto Armus and himself. Rhama was unsure of the situation.

As Rhama was thinking, his mind became clouded with thoughts. His eyes became blurry. He was loosing touch with his inner peace. Just as he thought he was going to loose it. A familiar shadow stood above him.

“Rhama  is there something the matter?” Armus spoke in a soothing voice

With his fathers calm inner peace he felt all of those foreign feelings lifted away and felt calmness.

“Nothing, I was in the forest I heard my name called in the wind,” Rhama said,

Both walked the deep forest. The birds sang. Creating music with such melodies that lighted up the sky. The swarms of flowers, enticing colors and smells. Fruit from  the flowers hung teasing as to say taste me. Rhama felt a playfull moment and with that climbed up a tree. His father strong and lean chased after him. With each jumped he landed quietly. Hanging off the tree branch Rhama hoisted himself up the tree.  His long hair swayed in the air. Shinning with such brilliance in the sun. Armus ran faster, pushing each stride with such force that the earth beneath him crumbled into tiny little speks of golden soil. Rich with nutrients that fed the forest.

As they got closer to the village, they felt a warm and inviting feeling.

Several families lived in that village. And several more lived within miles of range. Each family was a tightly bonded family.

But with each family, they all helped each other. Rhamas family consisted of 3 members. His father Armus, mother Lizion and Rhama.

They needed to have a strong bond. For a mother and child are bonded before it is even born and her mate bonded the moment they feel a connection. Each has a purpose in life. And the purpose depends on the circumstances that are present at the moment.

Rhama and Armus walked onto where Lizion was. Lizion was a beautiful creature. Long gray hair, with streaks of white. Eyes colors of greenish mud that mixed with the water from the sky. Skin color of a reddened evening that painted the sky after a humid heated day.

Long and lean. She got to her feet and hugged her son and Armus.

She stared onto the beings in which she loved.

Thinking of how she met Armus brought memories that gorged  her heart up with emotions. She still remember, the memory so vivid. Standing under a huge red flowering tree, the wind blowing gently as it sweeps away petals of soft musky red flower. The air so warm and moist. She looked up the tall ancient tree, filled with loving and tenderness, thanking it for its shade. On top of the tree was Armus, sitting, sketching the flowers.

“Why is it that we are attracted to delicate  beings. That offer so much life and nourishment to this earth ” Armus thought.

As the thoughts were leaving his head, he spotted her. Lizion walked  gracefully to the stream. It was getting close to dusk. The sky painted with brilliance of colors that exploded through the sky. Sunlight hit her body, carving it so beautifully. He loved her, everything about her. Every breathe, every step, every drop of emotions that she let loose. The feeling for her was so strong.. It was as if a connection was drawing him in to her.

Lizion walked on to the stream, the warm running water, pure and sweet. She took a drink, then with her delicate hands washed away the impurities that stained her body. Looking up, she felt his eyes. The soft glance made her heart sing with emotion. The emotion was strong, the urge to feel something, showed she was very much alive. Her breathing changed, her source of life beat…,. drawing in every emotion that linger in her body.

The wind blew softly, leaves danced, creating a melody that drip sweet notes. The fresh air released from the leaves, like lungs exploded with pure life.. As the sky was darkening. Lizion looked up to the sky and her eyes marveled at the millions of stars that painted a fresco image. above the sky.

The moon lighted up the dark filled water. Everybody stood around awaiting for it to released the life spectacle that exploded in the air. Each drop of water was a seed, and in the seed contain a living force. Awaiting for new life to be created. All it needed was two life energies together and it could grow, being nurture by the love that surrounded it.

Tales of a Chinese Writer

I sit alone on my old wooden rusty desk. Time doesnt go by when I stare outside my window. Overlooking the pond where lilies float, dancing away with life. As I sit gazing outside, I wonder why is it that I feel a comfort in writing. I am a well know writer in China.My name is Bingwen. Poems have been written about me. Women throw themselves at me. But my heart belongs to another woman.. She is beautiful and elegent. Charismatic, and gentle. I fell in love, I write to her every single day. Imagining the day when I will be with her. For she lies in my stories, from my imagination………

I see her, every breathe she takes. The way her chest moves, illuminates a thousand heart beats. I feel hypnotize by her, her beauty, her calmness she emits.  But I know that even with all my sacrifices and having thought so much about the life that I want with her. It wont come true, but I can dream. In my mind and heart, I know its where she belongs.

Whimsical English

I breathe, deep with sorrow. Overlooking the sea of tall swaying grass that fills the earth. The wind blowing gently as if its wrapping its self around them. An air filled with dust from thousands particles that linger, whimsically dancing waiting to be inhale and exhale. With every exhale of our breathe, we let go of all of the pain and resentment that hinders our emotion.

The mind gets dizzy, over crowding emotions that we hold on too. Scared of letting go. Uncertainty always arises but its a choice in life. For we have to mold ourselves into objects of our deep emotions.

The sensual feeling of longing to reach out and touch.

But as the time passes by, all is gone to fast. As I stared into the abyss of the wandering mind. I am old and forgotten. With eyes that tell a thousand tales of misfortune and miracles. Somehow it all makes sense.