Whimsical English

I breathe, deep with sorrow. Overlooking the sea of tall swaying grass that fills the earth. The wind blowing gently as if its wrapping its self around them. An air filled with dust from thousands particles that linger, whimsically dancing waiting to be inhale and exhale. With every exhale of our breathe, we let go of all of the pain and resentment that hinders our emotion.

The mind gets dizzy, over crowding emotions that we hold on too. Scared of letting go. Uncertainty always arises but its a choice in life. For we have to mold ourselves into objects of our deep emotions.

The sensual feeling of longing to reach out and touch.

But as the time passes by, all is gone to fast. As I stared into the abyss of the wandering mind. I am old and forgotten. With eyes that tell a thousand tales of misfortune and miracles. Somehow it all makes sense.


One thought on “Whimsical English

  1. to paraphrase: “The mind of Che gets Dizzy”… Dizzy gets Dizzy… both spat into the meta-physical vortex of wonder…

    I’m showing up in your poetry now? LOL 😉

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